Corporate Travel

What are a corporate client’s expectations when appointing and entrusting their business travel to a travel management company?

  • Having a basic understanding of the nature of the Company’s business
  • Assistance in establishing relationships with the various travel principals
  • Advice on the most economically flexible route of travel, for each individual travel request
  • Maximizing airline miles earned wherever possible
  • Providing the best possible cost saving options with each reservation request
  • Consolidated Monthly Travel Reports
  • Assistance and advice in compiling a travel policy suited to the travel needs of the Company

A dedicated Travel Consultant who can offer:

  • Service
  • Initiative
  • Creative thinking on all travel requests

What does this mean to you
“The Client”?
Massive Group Buying Power thereby enabling us to offer you the best possible negotiated rates with regards to:

  • Air travel
  • Hotel Accommodation
  • Car Hire
  • Tour Operator Rates

Financial Management
Xl Absolut travel recognizes that the financial management of your travel spend is critical to any relationship between travel manager and client, realizing significant cost efficiencies. We are committed to focusing on the following areas in the realization of savings:

  • Exclusive Xl Travel Airfare’s
  • Cost Saving
  • Administration Fee

Exclusive Xl Travel Airfare’s:

Access to a full range of discounted airfares are available from a number of preferred Xl Absolut Travel airlines. Based on an evaluation of your company’s airline travel spend, we can negotiate on your behalf for special route fares to international destinations commonly used by your company.

Cost Saving:

Subsequent to a company travel needs analysis, we will identify further opportunities for cost savings, such as linking credit card payments to various loyalty programs currently available in the marketplace.

Administration Fee:

After analysing your company’s yearly travel spend we would then put forward a proposal as to which fee structure would be more beneficial to your company.

Meet The Team

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Our Services

  • A comprehensive need’s analysis of your company’s travel requirements would initially be conducted in order to facilitate a better understanding of your customized travel needs
  • Compilation of client profiles detailing all relevant information relating to your company, would be created in order to ensure that all imperative needs are met every time
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Our Statement of Belief

By harnessing our creative passion and sheer dedication, we strive not only to meet but to exceed your travel expectations, thereby promoting long term client relations built on loyalty and trust.